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Lumbar Discectomy to Alleviate A Herniated Disc

Lumbar discectomy is a type of surgery that is aimed at removing parts of a spinal disc that is herniated or ruptured in the lower back—better known as the posterior region. Lumbar discectomy surgery can help to alleviate any pain, pressure, and discomfort experienced from a herniated disc or degenerative disc.

Why Is Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Necessary?

When a herniated disc occurs in the lower region of the back, pain may be felt down one or both legs. Pain may also radiate into the buttocks or feet and can affect daily activities, such as standing, walking, and bending. Lumbar discectomy can remove parts of the damaged disc to help you restore proper range of motion and ease away the discomfort.

What Types Of Lumbar Discectomy Surgeries Are Available?

A lumbar discectomy may be recommended when nonsurgical treatment options fail to provide relief. There are two types of popular discectomy surgeries, which are traditional discectomy and microdiscectomy.

A traditional discectomy combines a discectomy and laminectomy to move the spinal disc. During a traditional discectomy a portion of the lamina bone—that serves as a protective cover for the spinal cord—is removed in order to gain access to the damaged disc. Once access is gained, the tissues above the herniated or degenerative disc are carefully separated and the portion of the damaged disc will be carefully removed.

Lumbar microdiscectomy surgery is minimally invasive and is performed through a small surgical microscope. Only the damaged portion of the spinal disc is removed during microdiscectomy surgery, leaving the spinal disc more intact. Microdiscectomy surgery is best used to treat a herniated disc, has a shorter recovery time, and can reduce nerve and joint scarring.

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