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Rotator Cuff Surgery & AC Joint Repair To Restore Shoulder Mobility!

Two of the more common shoulder injuries are rotator cuff tears and AC joint arthritis. Both of these conditions can cause pain, discomfort, and a loss of shoulder mobility. Your AC joint allows you to lift your arm over your head and across your chest, while your rotator cuff helps rotate your arm. An injury to either of these parts of the shoulder can hinder your mobility and prevent you from going about your day-to-day routine. Dr. Jacob Rozbruch specializes in rotator cuff surgery and AC joint repair to alleviate discomfort and restore functionality to the shoulder. Learn more about these shoulder treatments.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

The rotator cuff tendons are incredibly useful parts of the shoulder and help perform a variety of different movements. As a result, they often experience a high level of use. Over time, repeated movements can lead to degeneration or injury, causing a rotator cuff tear. Minor tears may heal on their own with rest. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatories may be utilized to further aid in healing. If a rotator cuff tear requires surgery, then Dr. Rozbruch can use innovative surgical techniques, including arthroscopy or grafting. Damaged tissues can be removed and the muscles can be placed back into their natural positions following a rotator cuff tear.

AC Joint Repair

The AC joint also experiences a high amount of use and can be prone to damage. The cartilage that cushions the shoulder joint may begin to degenerate over time, leading to pain and making it more difficult to properly move the shoulder. AC joint pain can be treated non-surgically through rest, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy. If surgery is necessary, Dr. Rozbruch can perform AC joint repair to remove damaged portions of cartilage, as well as bone spurs. A shoulder resection may also be performed to alleviate friction and grinding of the shoulder bones.

Dr. Jacob Rozbruch and our staff welcome any questions you may have regarding rotator cuff surgery and AC joint repair. Contact our office at 212-744-9857, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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