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What Makes a Great Orthopedic Surgeon?

There are many traits that patients seek when searching for a reliable orthopedic surgeon. Experience, honesty, and a close patient-physician relationship are some of the qualities you should look for when choosing an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Jacob D. Rozbruch has unparalleled expertise working with patients to diagnose and treat a variety of orthopedic conditions. His main goal is to help patients regain their life back pain-free, while providing the best treatments available.

What Should You Look For In An Orthopedic Surgeon?

Trust, honesty, and experience are some of the many qualities that patients look for in a doctor or surgeon. However, an important quality to look for in a doctor is empathy. When an orthopedic surgeon expresses empathy, it can help create a positive relationship between doctor and patient. Dr. Rozbruch is recognized as one of the most compassionate doctors in the field of orthopedic surgery, due to his exceptional patient care and understanding nature.

Another desirable trait to look for is expertise. Having a doctor who’s unknowledgeable about the latest medical breakthroughs or who hasn’t received training in the latest techniques can decrease a doctor’s credibility. You want a doctor who’s up-to-date and trained in the latest research, techniques, procedures, and effective treatments available in order to receive optimal treatment. Dr. Rozbruch has been ranked as the top 1% of American’s Most Honored Professionals with advanced knowledge and continuous education the field of orthopedic surgery.

Also, friendliness can be impactful when trying to develop a professional doctor-patient relationship. A patient doesn’t want a doctor who is dismissive and unconcerned about their medical problems. When a doctor makes a positive first impression on a patient with kindness, it increases a patient’s trust in the doctor. Dr. Rozbruch has continuously been awarded the Patients’ Choice Award by Vitals. Patients appreciate Dr. Rozbruch’s continued dedication to help others with the highest care and his friendly bedside manner.

Good communication skills are always desirable in a doctor. You want an orthopedic surgeon who is able to listen attentively and talk in an understanding manner. Honored with the Castle Connolly and the Circle of Excellence awards, Dr. Rozbruch is recognized for his extensive credentials as well as outstanding medical care.

Dr. Rozburch Is Here To Help You

Dr. Rozbruch is double-board certified in Orthopedics and Pediatrics with decades of experience. Named repeatedly as one of New York’s “Best Doctor’s” by New York Magazine and elected to its Hall of Fame as the top orthopedic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Rozbruch takes pride in providing top-notch patient care. Dr. Rozbruch is passionate about his work; he continues to stay informed about the latest medical treatments to accurately diagnose complex issues, thus offering the most advanced treatments currently available. He is well-known for his excellent technical skills in the operating room and his outstanding abilities as both a diagnostician and clinician. Most importantly, he is beloved by patients for his attentiveness and caring nature to help treat their orthopedic difficulties. 

Dr. Jacob Rozbruch and our staff welcome any questions you may have regarding orthopedic treatments and surgeries. Contact our office at 212-744-9857, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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